Transformative Digital Healthcare

Solutions for Personal Well-Being

AI & Machine Learning

AI Biofeedback Driven Experiences, Diagnostics & Treatments.

Medical Solutions

Globally Scalable XR & Mobile Medical Solutions with AI Personalization.

XR Development

Scientifically Designed XR Modalities of Meta Learning and Development.

3D Virtualization

3D Captures & Remote Showcasing of the Physical World, Virtually.

Dynamic AI Power,

Streamlined Outcomes

Novel AI, XR and Digital Solutions leveraging four decades of research and studies

XR Medical Solutions

Scientifically driven VR and Mobile Wellness Apps that do the work for you. Experience fast significant benefits and improvements in quality of life. With personalized AI biofeedback diagnostics and automated treatments.

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RealTView Technologies

Global 3D Capture Infrastructure with 350+ agents and complete coverage of the U.S. Standalone viewing and live virtual showcasing of commercial & residential locations, retail e-store and open houses the instant a prospect shows interest.

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Car VR Tour

Global exclusive licensing of the premier vehicle 3D Virtualization software. Four times faster than competing solutions at a fraction of the price.

Global Remote 3D Virtual Vehicle Showcasing Platform With Dealership Self Capture App & Hardware Kit.

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Golf Training AR/XR

AR glasses with holographic guidance, swing analysis & correction, remote coaching. Revolutionizing physical training by superimposing holographic alignment grids and swing guidance in the real world at real outdoor golf courses and driving ranges.

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